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Dr. Ji Jill Chen believes that many medical conditions in adult patients can best be treated by integrating Western and Eastern medicine. Growing up in Shanghai, China, Dr. Chen completed eight years of medical training at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine in 1988. Later, she became an attending physician at Ren Ji Hospital, one of the best hospitals in China. Complementing her training in modern medicine, she received extensive Traditional Chinese Medicine training (including acupuncture and herbal medicine) at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences. She also conducted Integrative Oncology study at Shanghai Long Hua Hospital, a leading hospital that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine to best treat cancer patients.

Arriving in the United States as a visiting scholar at University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, her research on cardiovascular diseases led to publications in several prominent scientific journals including Nature and Journal of Biological Chemistry. In 2000, Dr. Chen began her USA residency at the Alameda County Medical Center in Oakland. She became Board Certified in Internal Medicine and has been practicing medicine in the SF Bay Area ever since.

In addition to seeing patients at her private office in Walnut Creek, she is an attending physician at Over 60 Health Center at LifeLong Medical Care and Alta Bates Summit Comprehensive Cancer Center in Berkeley.

Dr. Chen often works with patients suffering from medical conditions for which western medicine treatments alone are not sufficient enough. She also works with cancer, senior, and underserved patients. She feels that these patients offer the best opportunity to achieve her lifetime goal: helping the people who need help most. At her daily practice, Dr. Chen applies her 20+ years of medical experience in caring for those patients. She enjoys the opportunity to combine her expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western medicine, and modern medical research to most effectively care for and support each individual patient.